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IANMS is a Composer and Songwriter from Jepara, Indonesia. Ian began learning to record his first song in 2012. He writes songs, arranges music, provides vocals, and records them himself. In making songs and music, Ian is heavily influenced by Japanese music (J-Pop).

most popular song in his channel as of 2020 is Original Songs "Gelombang Keputusasaan (OST. Pelajar Tangguh | Ending Song)" which has garnered a total amount of 3.4k Youtube views.

he debuted on his own channel in February 11, 2020


The single "Cahaya Semesta" on February 11, 2020 marked IANMS' debut.
IAN also do the original soundtrack in the animated series "Pelajar Tangguh" produced by NuLi Self Creator in the opening and closing songs. The opening theme is "Jatuhkan Lawan" which was composed by NuLi, the creator of the animated series, and the ending theme is "Gelombang keputusasaan" which was composed by Ian. The 2 songs were created specifically to match the storyline.

The single "Kecepatan Cahaya" will be released on January 14, 2021. Uniquely, this song is a sequel / continuation of the previous single "Cahaya Semesta". These 2 songs were inspired by a female friend of Ian's who is fondly called Nuna.

On June 8 IANMS released the single "Past, Present & Future". At first this song was created to encourage oneself who often feels life anxiety and even depression. It's one of those feelings that will always be there whether it's in the past, present, or future.


  • He Sing both Opening & Ending of Pelajar Tangguh

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