Shido Strife

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This picture is borrowed from Shido's Twitter.


Shido is a Composer known for his Visual Kei style, he joined several utaite groups for fun with the intention of looking for utaite to be invited to collab,
he sing several times before, But then in Community, he start trying to be confident about singing again

most popular song cover in his channel as of 2020 is a Arranged Metal Version of Japanese song "KING Metal Version" which has garnered a total amount of 1.3k Youtube views.

He's often do live performances as Guitarist

he debuted on his own channel in 2017 although it has started composing from 2010

List of Show

Bonenkai Hotel Salak 2017 (with Totsuzen)
Japan Korea Festival 2014 (with L'aurentsia)
Kairu live (support, 2018) Japan
{mid:night} live (support, 2019) Japan


  • Started Composing From 2010
  • he also do Arranged Cover

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