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This picture is borrowed from Adhiew's Twitter.


Adhiew is Indonesian Utaite known for his unique cover, he also create video parody for his cover songs, Starting from participating in the Nanairo Symphony Cover Song competition and getting 2nd place, Started to dive into the utaite world because he was curious about other people's entries in the Contest, and noticed by another indonesian Utaite "Ivy Tivania"

He often do live performances as Guitarist, in band named "Ankarha"

he also debut on his own channel in 11 Juni 2020

most popular upload in his channel as of 2020 is a translyric of japanese song "KING Sunda Koplo Version" which has garnered a total amount of 13k Youtube views.


his first single was "Menjaga Cintamu" Released on Jan 19, 2019


  • Also Known as Pak Cimol
  • A-Resa Former Guitarist
  • his first appearance is on IDCB 2020,
  • the one who introduced Utaite to adhiew was Ivy Tivania

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