Editing Guidelines

1. All Indonesian Utaite's and content posted must follow the official Utaite Wiki

2. The Utaite Wiki has provided a series of templates for simple and straightforward page creation/editing. In order to maintain a standard of quality on the Wiki, these templates are connected to various Wiki categories and their usage is mandatory. Failure to create a page using its correct template will result in page deletion.

3. Please tag pages with an underscore followed by the first letter in the title, such as _o for Okami Ken (Utaite page) or _s for Shido (Composer page). This will ensure that they appear on the directory list in alphabetical order. Additional tags for Utaite type, other useful data are appreciated as well. Please do NOT add useless tags such as the Utaite's name, color scheme, etc.; and please do NOT remove the _initial tags added by staff.

4. Utaite/Composer added to the Wiki must have an Bio, Avatar, and Social Media Platform

5. Due to a history of vandalism in the community, unauthorized abuse or malicious editing of Indonesian Utaite Wiki pages will not be taken lightly and is a bannable offense. Pages for well-known Utaite/Composer from Indonesia will be LOCKED and are editable by staff

6. All posted content is to be kept PG-13 and free of racism, hate speech, etc.

7. The Indonesian Utaite Wiki does not condone piracy in any way, shape or form. lead to bannable offense

8. Impersonation of other users is also a bannable offense.

9. If there are site or template errors (such as missing field values), please inform an administrator. Same goes for if a page needs to be renamed or moved into a different category.

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