Luca Zhang

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This picture is borrowed from Luca's Twitter.


Luca is Indonesian Utaite known for her special soft voice, which is able to make us feel the spirit in the song she sings,
She is also humorous But behind her humorous side there is another side that can be seen when she sings each cover with full of emotion
At first she had no intention of 'debut' that day.
She was in the Smule singing circle, now it's called Noise Free, and she just stayed on Smule, there was no intention of making YouTube debuts

She Starting debut on her own channel in Jan 29, 2019,

She also drawing her own character for Cover MV

she member of group named "Noise Free"


  • Rin Rin's Partner
  • Utaite she like was nano, valshe, and ikasan
  • Her Horoscope is LEO

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