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REi, is Indonesian Utaite and Songwriter. From his childhood, he always love to watch anime and that's how his love for Japan grow. His dream is to be a profesional anisong singer in Japan, one day, he want to be remembered as the anisong king. Achievement:World Karaoke Granprix 2014 Indonesia Region Grand Finalist/ Japan Foundation Karaoke Competition 2015 1st place winner & audience’s Favorite/ H Bandung Anisong Competition 1st place/ World Karaoke Granprix 2015 Indonesia Region 1st Place Winner/ Nippon World Karaoke Granprix the 3rd Grand Finalist(Indonesia Representative)/ Nodojiman The World Asia 2016 Indonesian Region Grand Finalist/ and GEM TV, he can sing in Japanese 2017(Indonesia Representative)…and more.

His most popular upload in his channel as of 2013 is a japanese song "UVERworld - THE OVER" which has garnered a total amount of 65k Youtube views.


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